Saturday, August 6, 2011

Exposing Virginity

Welcome to the LostMyV blog! 

We hope that LostMyV becomes a powerful, revealing and engaging experience. 

By collecting people's stories of virginity loss, rather than socio-demographic data, we hope to capture the wide variety of experiences and definitions of virginity loss that are out there. In so doing, we hope to challenge people’s assumptions of what constitutes as virginity loss. 

By publicizing what, for most people, is an intimate and private memory, we also hope to de-taboo virginity loss. 

Be it defined as a gift, a stigma, or as a process/passage, how virginity is defined influences the meanings associated with "losing it".

Please joins us in our exploration of virginity and virginity loss. Help us understand what is virginity and if virginity loss is different for men and women. Can someone lose their virginity twice?

We can't wait to read your story and your comments/questions in our blog. 

Joins us in this exciting adventure! 

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