Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not everyone is having sex

It's not embarrassing to admit you're a virgin. 

For teens, it may seem like everyone is doing it but less than half of teens in high school (only 42% of girls and 43% of boys) have had sex. That means that more than half of all high school students are virgins

Stay Teen, organization created by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, writes that even though movies and TV and gossip at school can make it seems like everyone is having sex (or wants to), that’s not exactly true.  In a recent survey of guys ages 15-18:
  • 75% said they’d rather "wait to lose their virginity with someone they love," compared to 24% who said they would prefer to "lose their virginity as soon as possible."
  • 66% said they would rather "have a girlfriend but NOT have sex" while just 34% said they would prefer "having sex but not have a girlfriend."
  • 68% said they "could be happy in a serious relationship that doesn’t include sex."

Sharing real stories rather than gossip can help others make better decisions regarding sex. How you lose your virginity is your choice. No one can and should take that from you. You should wait until you are ready. 

LostMyV can help us make informed decisions (for losing our virginity and our future sexual experiences) based on other people's experiences. Learn from others, read how they felt then and now. Read stories from people of all walks of life. What was it like for them? Was it similar to your experience? Should you change how you think about your experience? 

Tell us what you think. We're eager to know.

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