Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Born-Again Virgins

I found an article discussing sex in the Middle Ages. (1) The author writes that, in the Middle Ages, virginity would have been an ideal to aspire to, but it was rarely achieved by commoners and nobles alike. 

However, women could still become born-again virgins: 

"The Church made it possible for women who not only had had sex, but who had mothered children, to confess their sins, perform years of penance and spend their remaining years in a convent. Women who chose this path renounced their so-called role in the “original sin” (of tempting Adam with the Fruit of Knowledge) and joined what was known as the Cult of the Virgin." 

Over the past few years, born-again virgins have again regained popularity. Some people are choosing to reclaim their virginity either spiritually or surgically. 

If you can recapture a kind of sexually virginal state, then virginity is not nearly as black-and-white as most of us think. Maybe it's a concept and not a fact.

So....What does it mean to lose your virginity? 

I have a feeling I will be returning to this topic many more times. 

(1) http://www.oddee.com/item_96646.aspx

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