Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not everyone is having sex

It's not embarrassing to admit you're a virgin. 

For teens, it may seem like everyone is doing it but less than half of teens in high school (only 42% of girls and 43% of boys) have had sex. That means that more than half of all high school students are virgins

Stay Teen, organization created by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, writes that even though movies and TV and gossip at school can make it seems like everyone is having sex (or wants to), that’s not exactly true.  In a recent survey of guys ages 15-18:
  • 75% said they’d rather "wait to lose their virginity with someone they love," compared to 24% who said they would prefer to "lose their virginity as soon as possible."
  • 66% said they would rather "have a girlfriend but NOT have sex" while just 34% said they would prefer "having sex but not have a girlfriend."
  • 68% said they "could be happy in a serious relationship that doesn’t include sex."

Sharing real stories rather than gossip can help others make better decisions regarding sex. How you lose your virginity is your choice. No one can and should take that from you. You should wait until you are ready. 

LostMyV can help us make informed decisions (for losing our virginity and our future sexual experiences) based on other people's experiences. Learn from others, read how they felt then and now. Read stories from people of all walks of life. What was it like for them? Was it similar to your experience? Should you change how you think about your experience? 

Tell us what you think. We're eager to know.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Time Sex Expectations

There are many questions, concerns and expectations surrounding first-time sexual experiences. What to expect, who it's going to be with, where it should be, and how should it be like. 

Many of us have expectations for that moment. Some of us hope to lose our virginity by a certain age or after having a relationship with a special person for a certain amount of time. 

Reading stories about how others lose their virginity may help you make better decisions. Having sex for the first time is a very personal and unique experience. However, reading other first time stories may help you make sense of your own experience. 

It can be therapeutic to share your story. It can be beneficial to read others. 

Regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or ethnicity - your experience is very valuable to humanity. Talk about your experience. Help us de-taboo virginity and virginity loss. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Born-Again Virgins

I found an article discussing sex in the Middle Ages. (1) The author writes that, in the Middle Ages, virginity would have been an ideal to aspire to, but it was rarely achieved by commoners and nobles alike. 

However, women could still become born-again virgins: 

"The Church made it possible for women who not only had had sex, but who had mothered children, to confess their sins, perform years of penance and spend their remaining years in a convent. Women who chose this path renounced their so-called role in the “original sin” (of tempting Adam with the Fruit of Knowledge) and joined what was known as the Cult of the Virgin." 

Over the past few years, born-again virgins have again regained popularity. Some people are choosing to reclaim their virginity either spiritually or surgically. 

If you can recapture a kind of sexually virginal state, then virginity is not nearly as black-and-white as most of us think. Maybe it's a concept and not a fact.

So....What does it mean to lose your virginity? 

I have a feeling I will be returning to this topic many more times. 


Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you a virgin if you've only had oral sex?

What does virginity mean to you

Some people say they are a virgin if they have had oral sex, but not vaginal sex. Others say they are a virgin if they have had anal sex, but not vaginal sex. Others think they are not. 

People have different definitions about what it means to be a
virgin. These definitions are by-products of education, both
religious and non-religious, as well as personal experience. 

There's no right, or wrong. At LostMyV we are interested in gathering the varying definitions of virginity by collecting stories of virginity loss. 

Join our community by sharing your story. Every story, every meaning and every experience is unique. How did you lose your virginity? 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Most American teens who have had sex wish they had waited.

Seventeen Is the Average Age at First Sexual Intercourse for males and females. (1)

By the time they are high school seniors, 66% of girls and nearly 63% of boys report they have had intercourse. (2)

However, the majority of American teens who have had sex wish they had waited. Among sexually active girls, two-thirds say they didn't want to lose their virginity when they did or that they had mixed feelings about it. (3)

Why do teens have negative or mixed feelings about losing their virginity?

How can we change the culture of sexuality in the US and be more open to talking about and exploring our sexual bodies?

(1) Data from 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, Vital and Health Statistics, S.23, No.25, 2005
(2) US Centers for Disease Control. 2008-06-06. pp. table 61.
(3) Vital and Health Statistics. National Center for Health Statistics. 2002.